How much do new kitchen design & renovation cost in Brisbane?

Question? —— How much do kitchens cost, and how do I create a Budget Kitchen?

Answer. ——- Limit yourself. Most kitchens cost between $7,000 and $ 16,000 but do go above and beneath these amounts depending.

Real Budget.

  1. Melamine doors are always the answer for budget kitchen cabinets.  Laminate is the always the answer for bench-tops.

Up-market Budget.

  1. However if you wish to go up market with your ‘no-longer-budget’ cabinets then consider — 2 PAC which is top of the range stuff, but you can be economical regardless but at an extra cost.
  2. Going up market with bench-tops will be to Stone, as Granite can be very costly and good timber bench-tops are even more expensive. Stone usually adds about $ 1500 -$2000 compared to a laminate bench-top.

Kitchen Reality

  1. All in all, in my experience, only professional people (and not all of them) know how to restrict themselves. Private customers often say that they want a Budget Kitchen, but are in fact lying to themselves. The most common phrase that I have ever heard from people wanting a Budget Kitchen is, “Of course I will need that, and that, and that, in my kitchen”.
  2. Well, my dear, you don’t need every gadgets that’s ever been made. You don’t need sinks and taps that defy all monetary logic. You don’t need pull out gadgets that will in all probability (over a period of thirty years) give you problems.
  3. What you do need nowadays is soft close drawer runners and soft close hinges, as they are now very reasonably priced compared to times past and are almost indestructible.

Cheap is not always economical.

I purposely haven’t yet mentioned Vinyl Wrap kitchen cabinets, as they are certainly the most problematic product on the market. They are made of heat shrink material that peels off when heat is again applied, (with the possibly of heat from your toaster, your microwave, your dishwasher, your Jug, your Oven and let us not mention when you place hot steamy items on your cook-top.)

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