Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

Below is found an array of common kitchen accessories and extras to complete your kitchen or you may just wish to purchase them independently from us.

Cooking appliances, Sinks and taps, Range Hoods, Rubbish Bins and Storage Gadgets.

Cooking appliances.

Most used appliance package.

$ 1168

Brilcon Built-in Electric Oven 7 Function: Fan Forced, Grill, Roast, Bake + More

Digital Timer & Programmer – Touch Control LED Display


Cut-Out Dimensions for Installation:

Flush Mount = 600 Width x 600mm Height

Flush mount means when oven door surface sits flush/inline with cabinetry surface.

Proud Mount = 560mm (580mm max) Width x 580mm Height

Proud mount means when oven projects out a little & bezel of oven sits on top of cabinet surface.

600 mm Electric Hot Plates

$ 335.00

600 mm Induction Hot Plates

$ 420.00

600 mm Gas Hot Plates

$ 272.00

900 mm gas hot plates.

$ 377.00

Sinks and taps.

Stainless steel Bowl and3/4 sink with drain-board and tap with taphole. (Most common sink and tap package.)

Left or right hand, This is the most popular sink and therefore the wholesalers buy in container loads which dramatically reduces the price on popular products. some seem unbelievably cheap and others the opposite.

Rule of thumb is- popular products are the most reasonably priced .

Shiny sinks are in my opinion the better quality product.

$ 290.00

Stainless steel Bowl and3/4 sink with drain-board.

$ 261.00

Stainless steel Double Bowl sink with drain-board with taphole.

Left or right hand

$ 356.00

Stainless steel Double Bowl sink with double drain-board with taphole.



Stainless steel Single Bowl sink with drain-board with taphole.


Double bowl Sink——- no drainer.

$ 794.00

Loose drainer which fits on bowl.

$ 109.00

Sink Basket.

$ 91.00

Cutting board sits on bowl.

$ 97.00

Laundry tub 45 litre.

$ 322.00

Standard mixer tap

$ 102.00

Gooseneck mixer tap.

$ 173.00

Extendable pull out mixer sprayer tap.


Range Hoods

Undermount Rangehood.

$ 179.00

Slide-out rangehood 900 mm.

$ 167.00

Canopy-hood 600 mm.


Canopy range-hood 900 mm.

$ 291.00

Rubbish Bins.

Kitchen double waste bins


Kitchen door mount large single bin. 35 LITRE


Kitchen door mount large double bin. 35 LITRE


Storage Gadgets.

Chrome Lazy Susan for corner cupboards.

$ 337.00

Magic corner mechanism.

For hard to get at blind corners.

$ 779.00

Pullout wire drawer to suit cabinets 450mm, 500 mm, 600mm, 800 mm, 900mm