Kitchen bench tops replacement

If you wish get a bench top replacement for your kitchen, then click on the image of your preferred bench top. You will be enlightened to the advantages and disadvantages of each bench top product, including pricing.

Click below for “Laminate bench tops replacement”.

The Kitchen image shows a granite design gloss laminate bench top with an arch top 2 pac door.
Laminate bench top replacement.

Laminate bench tops are the most economical top and are overall a hardy product.

Click image below for “Stone bench tops replacement”.

The kitchen image displays a stone bench top over a flat panel 2 PAC door with  color of gloss white.
Stone Kitchen bench top replacement

Stone bench tops are very popular and possible overtaking Laminate bench tops in popularity.

Click image below for “Granite bench tops replacement”.

Kitchen image displaying granite bench top over Rosewood timber doors with an arch top in the door pattern.
Granite kitchen bench top replacement

Granite bench tops are definitely the Rolls Royce of bench tops in the kitchen industry but have lost popularity in the past years.

Click image below for “Timber bench tops replacement.”

Kitchen image displaying rosewood laminated timber bench top over a antique white colonial door.
Timber kitchen bench top replacement

Quality Timber Kitchen bench tops are the most expensive, but have a beauty that can last if looked after properly.

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