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Contact Ray on 0477 538 199

or Email us on [email protected].

Or you can visit our ‘all hours’ kitchen showroom at 116 Eric Street Goodna.

Please note a prior appointment must be made.

    Cabinet maker busy building kitchen cupboards.
    Quiet please, I’m working on someones kitchen.

    Hello folks, my name is Ray and I have been in the kitchen industry for what seems to be my entire existence. We are a family company, which has manufacturing and installing kitchens for what seems forever. My semi retired parents Gary and Joan now look after the phones and paperwork while I do most of the design and sales. My uncle Robert and I do or supervise most of the manufacturing and installation.

    Well folks, that is all about us, so how about getting out of your comfortable chair and contacting us so that we can build you a fabulous kitchen, and put a smile on your face. (And in the process of course make some money for ourselves.)

    Regards Ray.

    Follow the instructions below for ‘peace in our time’.

    Old broken down kitchen cupboards with pictures of phones to entice reader to call.
    Kitchen designer is drawing up a new kitchen.
    We can help you with the design in your home.
    Cabinet makers are building a new kitchen.
    We will build your kitchen to your requirements.
    Fully installed kitchen cupboards.
      We can fully install your new kitchen, also looking after the trades if you desire
    a happy loving couple kissing in  kitchen.