Stone Kitchen Benchtops Brisbane

Nowadays stone bench tops are rivaling Laminate bench tops in the kitchen market. the cost has come down drastically over the past decade.

While the tops are not quite as good as dark granites they are by far the most popular as the whitish colors are now very much in vogue.

Stone kitchen bench tops mostly come in 20 mm thickness. 40 mm bench tops are still 20 mm thick, but have a double laminated thickness on all facing edges. The stone can have a fascia up to any thickness you may require.

The extra cost to go from 20 mm to 40 mm is about $100.00 per lineal meter of bench edge.

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Examples of stone kitchen bench tops.

The image displays 20 mm stone bench tops with waterfall ends
The most common 20 mm stone bench top displaying waterfall ends.

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This image is a close up of the edge of a standard stone bench top.
Close up of the stone bench top edge.

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The Image is of a 40 mm stone bench top with a 40 mm waterfall end.
40 mm edged stone bench top with waterfall end. (the young girl was not paid for her participation or hurt during this process.)

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This image shows an standard sink placed into a stone bench top.
40 mm stone bench top with standard sink.

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This image shows a stone bench top combined with white gloss 2PAC doors. This type of kitchen is very popular.
40 mm stone bench top on white gloss 2 PAC doors.

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