Tips For The Proper Care Of Timber Benchtops In Brisbane

When you think of your kitchen, you may have a few favourite appliances or your special coffee mug that makes your mornings more enjoyable, but there are some constants that unceasingly meet their purpose of functionality, such as your countertops. They’ve seen countless dishes, plates of delicious food, homework books, laptops and have also probably been sat on a few times during nighttime conversations over a bowl of ice cream.

Through the years of being used for multiple purposes, every countertop needs to be cared for to preserve its durability and appeal. Unfortunately, many people choose to have timber benchtops installed in Brisbane without any know-how on how to care for and maintain them properly. 

But, here at Kitchen Creations Queensland, we have the expertise to help every customer get the most out of their worktops, so continue reading for some valuable tips and insight. 

How To Properly Care For Your Timber Worktops.

Timber worktops are a thing of beauty and give your kitchen a natural feel that you just don’t get from other materials. Their age rings and intertwining colours make them a work of art, so proper care is essential to preserve their value. But, how do you care for timber? 

Take a look at these guidelines to ensure your worktops remain in pristine condition:

  1. Clean spillages quickly – spillages of any substance should not be left to pool on the surface as they may cause damage. In addition, sticky spillages such as soft drinks will attract ants, and that’s not something anyone wants in their kitchen! 
  2. Direct cutting – do not cut directly onto the worktop. Instead, use a cutting board or a butcher’s block. In addition, cutting meat items directly on the countertop could introduce harmful bacteria and cause nasty smells if left uncleaned. 
  3. Avoid direct contact – avoid placing wet, hot or dirty pots and pans directly onto the worktop as damage could occur. You may want to consider investing in stainless steel hotrods to preserve the longevity of your countertops. 
  4. Cleaning – All you need to clean your timber worktops is a damp cloth (not wet), a separate dry cloth, warm water, and a non-abrasive cleaning detergent such as dish soap. Avoid using multipurpose cleaners as those typically contain chemicals that may cause damage to your countertops. 
  5. Oiling – regular oiling is recommended to help build resistance and longevity of your worktops. 

If you’re interested in giving your kitchen a desirable look and natural feel, then contact us today to learn more about our timber benchtops in Brisbane, or request a quote.